Steamfortress Victory

Cogs and clockwork steampunk machineryIndustrial America is shattered into pieces. A dense new alloy known as “Bloodore” has been discovered in the Hills of Georgia enabling scientists to increase boiler capacities by a hundred-fold! The unlocked potential of steam technology has lifted America into a new age of powerful gizmos, gadgets, and war machines. Unfortunately, a power-hungry industrialist named Phillip Silverhorn harnessed the power of Bloodore to build a steam fortress and land it on the opening ceremony of the Columbian Exposition. This splinters the United States into Five Nations and sparks a Great Steam War!

The year is now 1900 and the Century Truce between the Five Nations is on the verge of collapse. The end of the cease fire would spell total war in Industrial America. Silverhorn is on the verge of making his monstrosity fly again. Soon, it will rain destruction from the skies as he puts his jackboot on the throat of the other nations. Join the Five Nations’ struggle to overcome oppression, play Steamfortress Victory RPG.

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