Steamfortress Victory: 3rd Edition


It’s finally time…

I’m sure you’ve heard the rumors and the rumblings. Well, they are true. 20 Eyes Entertainment INC will put out its most complete edition of Steamfortress Victory to date. SFV3E is in development and looking at a 2020 release date.

SFV3E will feature an all new dice system, an advanced storyline, and updated world lore. As we gingerly creep forward into the 20th Century, the Steamfortress Victory timeline will evolve considerably.  Gone are the days of brass and romance. The Five Nations have become a war-ridden, dystopian nightmare slowly approaching an apocalyptic end.

The Victory still sits on top of what is left of the 1892 Columbian Exposition. Phillip Silverhorn and The General have anchored their jackboot firmly on the throat of the Eastern half of North America while the Confederation of Free States and the Unified States of America continue to grind their resources into oblivion. Silverhorn Industries, the company supplying the two sides of the renewed American Civil War, has realized wealth beyond conventional imagination.

Two Timewelders still maintain hope the time paradox created by Silverhorn’s rise to power can be corrected.

The Listener and the Time Traveler traverse the landscape of the Five Nations to find a lone wolf assassin named Slate. They believe he is the key to destroying the Victory, the manifestation of the time paradox. The Listener theorized that once the Victory was destroyed, the time stream of the 20th Century would likely reset itself to the point where it was altered. The theory is a long shot, but its the only chance the world has…

Look for our Kickstarter in 2019!

Time is running out for the Future.