Mime Hunter Alpha

                  One MAN stands against the Mime Menace.

                                  His Name is ALPHA.

The Story

“In ancient times, people believed that when someone died, a pantomime actor would lead their soul to Underworld. But sometimes, that soul was so evil that the mime it was bound to would be cursed to walk the Earth forever-“

– From the Ravings of Darius the Mad, c. 1345

The year is 2018 and the Underworld continues to reject the passage evil souls. They remain in the Earthly realm as the Mime Scourge

-and only one man can stop them-

Sequestered at a Buddhist temple as a teenager, Alpha learned the mystic arts of Kaze no Ken, Blade of Winds, from an ancient master. He is a trained assassin with a Soul Glow worthy of the Manliest Man, and his mission is to KILL ALL MIMES! 

Look at those Chops, for godsakes! The just scream-

“Ladies, I came here to kill mimes, make sweet-lovin’ each of you, and chew bubblegum. I’m all out of bubblegum.”

Well, that’s what they would say if Alpha could talk. He, like his prey, is afflicted with the inability to engage in the art of conversation. Its not that he can’t talk, its just that Alpha prefers to remain as silent as the grave

(Really, its just some gangsta-s@#$ he does to freak out the Mimes. Alpha likes to smell their FEAR before they die.)

The Film

Unfortunately, Alpha killed the wrong mime. 

In his first full-length feature film, Mime Hunter Alpha: Beyond the Pale,  he and his crew are stalked by the baddest mime of all-

M I M E   O M E G A

Alpha offed his son, Mime Prime, and now, big daddy is out for vengeance! The s@#$ is about to get REAL

Will Alpha and his crew survive the unholy onslaught of mimes? Can Alpha defeat Mime Omega and save the known universe from a fate worse than the Apocalypse?! 

(Help us make this damn movie, and we’ll all find out.)

Making This Thing Happen

We got a story to tell. We got an extremely talented and passionate crew. We got gear.

What do we need?


Over the first half of 2019, we will be raising some capital to make this series happen. 20 Eyes Entertainment INC in conjunction with Reactor 88, Cheevies Films, and other such film ninja-sensei’s will be hosting a series of fund-raising events in hopes of getting 7 episodes of Mime Hunter Alpha: Beyond the Pale in the Can and into distribution.

Our hopes are that you will show up to these shindigs, have a great time, and help us complete a film.


Stay-tuned to this page and our social media accounts. We will be listing the first events over the course of the 2018 Holiday Season!