20 Eyes Entertainment at Archon 42

Well, that time of year is upon us again…

Archon 42 kicks off on Friday 10.12.2018 and our company is attending as a vendor this year. Here are a few things that are planned for the weekend that we have a hand in:


#1 Trader Dread’s Space Bazaar – The Vendor Table

Every once in a long while, our offices get packed with all kinds of random gaming, sci-fi, and movie memorabilia that we have to unload or send to the dump. We have hit that point in 2018. So, we’re packing up the cargo hold with a bunch of treasure and heading to Archon-

Welcome to the Trader Dread’s Space Bazaar!

Sale! Sale! Sale!

*- All New Board Games are 20% off MSRP.

*- All Used Board Games are 40% off original MSRP. (All sales are final on Used Board Games.)

*- All RPG’s and Osprey books. Roll a 1d20 at the Outpost, get that % off MSRP! Special packages are available for Steamfortress Victory and Vampire’s Codex.

*- All art, autographs, vintage toys, coins, and Sci Fi memorabilia are 10% off listed price.

*- Magic the Gathering Singles: $2, $5, and $10 binders available. All Reserved List Cards listed at 10% off TCG Mid. Standard Cards are 10% Market price.

*- Vintage Barware is 20% off.

*- Our movies are 10% off MSRP.

Finally, if you seem something you like and want to haggle over it, we are totally down to take offers. However, haggled price is final and no additional discounts apply to whisper deals!

“We are serious about selling about every damn thing at our table by Sunday.”

#2 Our Intellectual Properties featured at the Show   

The three main properties we are featuring at Archon are The Vampire’s Codex (5th Epoch Publishing), Steamfortress Victory, and Shark Clan Events.

The Vampire’s Codex: 5th Epoch Publishing and Vito Pandolfo are running events for the RPG here. Vito is one of the Pro Guests and he will be doing a bunch of panels. Brent Chumley will be selling a bunch of art prints from the game, so be sure to visit his booth.

Steamfortress Victory:  This property kicked off at Archon 33 in 2009, and has enjoyed quite a bit of success since that jumping point. We have a big announcement at Archon 42 for SFV fans. In 2019, we are going to continue the game with SFV:3rd Edition! We will have information about the Kickstarter available at our Outpost….

#3 Shark Clan (Muhaha…)

The Shark Clan will be spending another year out of the party spotlight due to scheduling issues. No Rings Party till 2019. =(

However, we will be at Archon 42 incognito. Our secret mixology lab will be fully functional, and you may taste a few of our new signature drinks if you run into us on the party scene. The Brewmaster and myself will be motivating about with old school Sci-Fi con drinks that we are bringing back for the youth.

On Saturday, we will be helping out Sausage Fest again. We will have a secret drink list to give to big donors to save breasts-

Here is last year’s offering… A riff on Ring of Earth shot….

Or if you remember what the Banana Dolphin was from last year….

You get the picture.

At some point, there will be a 2018 Shark Clan picture, and Sing-Along-Songs Parade (Gotta brush up on my Journey.) Stop by the booth, we’ll figure it out.

Happy Archon!!!