3rd Quarter Updates

Thus far, 2018 is good.

Busy, but Good…

Here’s a few quick updates on our Projects:

Commercial Work

We’ve spent a lot of 2018 doing independent contract work for various gaming clients, but the bulk of it was GAMA.  20 Eyes Entertainment INC did all of the commercials for Origins Game Fair 2018, and are working on several for GAMA Trade Show 2019. Visit Origins at:

Origins Game Fair

You can learn more about GTS 2019 at:



Mime Hunter Alpha

The other big project we’ve been developing is Mime Hunter Alpha. So far, we have a proof of concept in the can and are working on scripting episodes. 20 Eyes is planning on putting up a Kickstarter near the end of 2018. The process has been slow, as usual, but it is moving forward.  You should see a few trailers and the proof of concept in Quarter 4 of 2019:

The Vampire’s Codex Novel

The novel is in a 3rd round of edits. Its taken a little while because the book is fairly monstrous, and requires time. 5th Epoch is working on it.


That’s about it! More in Quarter 4!